How to Organize Your Life

How are you organized? In a folder? In a file cabinet? In a notebook? In your head? Who keeps tract of all the information that relates to your family, health, career, financial life and personal relationships? If something were to happen to you, would your spouse or executor/trix know where to find your vital information and most important documents?

I can do a seminarĀ on the subject matter in an hour with your relatives, friends, officemates, colleagues. We can schedule the seminar at least 3 weeks in advance with as few as 6 people even at the convenience of your home. See for yourself, how valuable the information you will learn from the seminar that will help you organize your vital documents, including your personal finances.

In An Hour, Learn How To:

  • Organize your important financail, health, and personal documents with New York Life's Life Folio Kit. Only given to seminar participants for free.
  • Discover potential gaps in your estate plan
  • Review and evaluate your overall financial goals
  • Get helpful tips for getting your family's finances in order

Contact Lel A. Arandela, LUTCF,ChFC,CLU at 361-986-1444 to schedule a seminar.



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